Mission Darkness Faraday Duffle Bag Review

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Have you been looking for a Faraday bag for more than your cell phone? If so, this Faraday duffle bag from Mission Darkness may be just the answer. It’s a portable, tactical Faraday shield that will protect your handheld electronics equipment.

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Newer to prepping? Let Wiki explain:

Faraday cage or Faraday shield is an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. A Faraday shield may be formed by a continuous covering of conductive material, or in the case of a Faraday cage, by a mesh of such materials. Faraday cages are named after scientist Michael Faraday, who invented them in 1836.

Faraday technology has really come a long way over the past few years. Companies are coming out with faraday bags that fit our lifestyle and needs when it comes to protecting our technology at home and on the go. Finally, we can protect our gear wherever we are, not just at home in a Faraday cage.

Mission Darkness is at the forefront of producing products in this market. A fellow SHTF Blog writer recently reviewed their Faraday Phone Sleeve, and it performed the task of cutting outside signals to his cell phone. This makes protecting the privacy of your phone amazingly easy, and the duffle bag operates in the same fashion, only it is bigger, so it will accept more of your SHTF communication devices.

Why Do Preppers Need Faraday Bags?

Faraday bags can help protect preppers and their equipment against:

  • EMPs
  • Hacking
  • Tracking
  • Spying

You may think you’re not “important enough” to spy on, and we certainly never want to be the victim of an electrical pulse; but the more realistic “spying” scenario is electronic theft of your personal and financial information.

And, if a big EMP actually did happen, having a Faraday bag would protect your equipment.

Faraday duffle unzipped

When I first received this bag I was immediately impressed with the quality. It’s a sturdy, solid bag. It’s not flimsy or cheap by any means. This is something I’d feel comfortable throwing around and getting dirty. The outer material is made with water-resistant ballistic nylon.

protective interior lining

The interior part of the bag, which you have to unfold to expose, is the actual Faraday protective shield. It is the only part of the bag that is shielded. It’s huge, though. Inside the bag has a black compartment which can also be taken out. Inside that black compartment there are two padded space separators which are removable and adjustable with Velcro.

Velcro closures
Large Velcro strips assure the folded bag remains closed.

The entire inside of the bag is padded so even if it does fall or get knocked around a bit, the padding helps support the contents.

You can remove the entire protective shield from the main utility bag. It too attaches with Velcro. This is a nice feature because if I want to use the utility bag for other items that I don’t need to protect, I can. Now I can have my gear protected in this separate bag, while I also have some other usable space inside the utility bag.

The main draw is that it’s a whole bag that’s easy to carry around while staying secure.

just the protective bag itself
The body of the bag with this reflective interior is what offers Faraday protection.

The inside compartment from the protective shield can also be removed. So now you can have just the bag. It’s all about options.

end pockets
Side compartments offer space to store items that do not need electronic protection.

It has two side compartments, one on each end, that are not protected. However, you could always purchase another Mission Darkness bag and put that on the inside of those pouches, if you wanted even more protection. They’re fairly small, though, so a cell phone would probably be the only thing that would be of use in those side pouches. Otherwise, a small first aid kit, fire kit or other small items could fit in the side compartments.

tactical MOLLE loops

The exterior has webbing on three sides to attach accessories, carabiners or whatever. They also offer two faraday pouches which can be attached to the outside, sold separately. There are also rubber feet on the bottom which prevents wear and tear on the bottom.

faraday duffle bag sealed up

To secure the protective shield, it needs to be folded over twice. Velcro secures it into place once it’s folded over the second time.

I did a test with the bag using in my YouTube video below. I pressed play then quickly placed it into the bag and closed it up so it wouldn’t buffer too much. It played for a few seconds but as soon as it got to the end of where it buffered, it was silent.

When I opened the bag, I took it out and saw that it was trying to look for service. It regained service a couple seconds after taking it out of the bag.

Mission Darkness Faraday Duffle Bag Closure

I’m confident in its ability to protect my electronic devices. I can see using this as a go bag for my ham radio and accessories. This can also be great to have in the car or for everyday use. The options really are endless.

Mission Darkness Faraday duffle bag
The duffle bag is bigger and stronger than you might think.

It won’t protect the wiring in your house like this device, but it’s not designed to. It’s well made, works as advertised and convenient to have around for larger devices such as radios, foldable solar panels, batteries, GPS units or tablets.

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