Olight Freyr is the Perfect Tactical Duty Light

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Olight flashlight collection
My growing Olight collection from L to R: Freyr, Odin, Olantern, Warrior Mini, Valkyrie PRO, and Obulb.

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Looking for a new tactical duty light? One of SHTF Blog’s sponsors is Olight, a company that produces high-end tactical lights at significantly lower costs than many of the “elite” brands out there pushing similar products. While Olight sent me their Freyr Multi-Color Tactical Light for review, and we are sponsored by them, it is important to note that this is a partnership that I sought out, not the other way around. Why? Because I love their lights and I can sleep comfortably at night recommending them.

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The thing I like about this light the most are the various RGB lights and accompanying wand. More on that in a bit. First…

Olight Freyr Lumen and Battery Power

Continuing with the Norse mythology theme (Odin and Valkyrie lights as other examples), the Freyr light is named after Freyr, a Norse god who “was one of the most widely and passionately venerated divinities amongst the heathen Norse and other Germanic peoples.”

The Freyr tactical light is a dual-switch flashlight (one on the side and what at the back) that produces both white and RGB lights. It is 5.35″ long and weighs 7.13oz. The body is constructed of aluminum alloy. Standing behind their product, Olight also offers a 5-year limited warranty on their lights.

The main light has a maximum output of 1750 lumens and a beam distance of 360 meters (394 yards).

Freyr lighting up powerlines
The Freyr lighting up powerlines on a relatively clear night.

The battery powering this light is a customized 5000mAh 3.6v 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Mode 1 Mode 2 Mode 3
Power (Lumens) 1750 300 5
Run Time 2+15+28 minutes 9.5 hours 15 days
Beam Distance (Meters) 360 150 19
Run times and power from the Freyr’s white light.

It comes with the Olight USB magnetic charging cord like most of their lights, another feature I like about their products. You can save money over time by making use of Olight’s powerful rechargeable batteries. I use one of their lights nightly for walking the dog, and I keep the charging cable plugged in at the family’s USB charging station where all of the phones also go.

When I take their lights camping, I can charge it from a portable power station or directly into the vehicle. The charge lasts so long that recharging while in the field is rarely necessary, however.

Bonus Duty Features of the Freyr Flashlight

The Freyr light has a variety of different features that set it apart from the various other tactical lights bearing the Olight name. For starters, it comes with a carry case as strong and well-constructed as the light itself. A belt can be fed through the loop or the loop can be unbuttoned and slipped behind a belt already being worn. The stiff case assures there is no room for bouncing around.

Olight Freyr holster
The Freyr tactical flashlight holster, as strong and well-constructed as the light itself.

A case of this type is perfect for duty purposes, law enforcement, security guards, firefighters, etc. If the case is too bulky for your use, it also comes with a detachable two-way clip so the light can be secured in other places.

flashlight clip
The optional clip on the light is an alternate way of attachment/carry.

Speaking of duty, it also has self-defense applications. Beyond its blinding light (believe me, you don’t want to stare into the receiving end of this light), it has a strike bezel. The jagged end makes it a weapon in that it could be smashed into someone’s face dragged into a ripping motion – ouch!

Olight Freyr strike bezel
The Freyr has Olight’s “strike bezel” designed for self-defense.

RGB Lighting is Perfect for Law Enforcement Duty

The Freyr tactical duty light has three colored lights (blue, green, and red) that make it useful for night vision protection, investigations, signaling, or the need to stay discreet. Imagine, as an example, a bug out situation where you need to dig into your bug out bag backpack but don’t want to light up the forest and attract unwanted attention. One of these lights would serve that purpose well.

The pictures below were taken on a foggy, misty night. Pictures on the left are pointed into the forest. Pictures on the right are pointed at my boot.

BONUS – the light also comes with a silicone wand. This wand fits neatly into the case acting as a holster within a holster. If you are on duty and need to direct traffic, no need for another light, the Freyr will fill that roll as well.

tactical duty light holster
The silicone wand fits neatly inside the case and holds the flashlight.

As you can see in these three pictures, the Freyr lightsaber wand will serve you well as a directional beacon, directing traffic, or Halloween/Christmas light accessory.

Olight Freyr Tactical Duty Light Summary

Moving more into duty purposes than general civilian use (but also good for that), Olight’s new Freyer tactical duty light offers all of the features an officer or security personnel would look for:

  • A powerful blinding light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Strike bezel
  • Quality holster
  • RGB lights
  • Silicone wand

Want to read our other Olight reviews? See the Baldr Mini, Baldr Pro, Odin Mini, Valkyrie Pro, and Warrior Mini.

Remember, if you’re shopping at Olight, use coupon code “prepperpress” for additional savings (excludes sale items).

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