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Updated: 9 January 2021
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amazon-check-price-buttonThe WaterBOB is a simple but effective water containment system which holds up to 100 gallons of fresh water in almost any bathtub, making it the perfect way to store water when there is a an imminent danger of a failure to your water supply caused by an emergency or crisis of some kind.

Emergency water storage is one of the biggest problems of preppers, and the WaterBOB can keep water fresh for cleaning, drinking, flushing and washing. I think the WaterBOB is a fantastic innovation as it is a way of protecting your emergency water supply from the soap film, dirt, and exposure to debris that would affect water when stored in an unlined bathtub which would quickly spoil the water and make it useless.

The WaterBOB comes in very handy in cases of hurricane, storm, water breaks or storm surges which may, and often do, contaminate the water supply. It is in situations like these that the WaterBOB comes into its own.

The WaterBOB is made of heavy duty plastic which is FDA compliant which means it is safe to use for food and water storage, and water stored in the bladder will stay fresh for at least 16 weeks.

Filling the WaterBOB

Using the WaterBOB couldn’t be simpler, simply place the plastic liner in almost any regular bathtub, fix the sock to the tap and fill the bladder to completely. This process will take approximately twenty minutes to complete depending on your water flow rate. There is also an 18″ flexible hose and adjoining siphon pump included with the WaterBOB kit which is designed to make the  dispensing of water from the bladder and into jugs or pitchers as easy as possible.

To use the siphon attachment is also very simple, all you need to do is remove the center cap and attach the cap which on the siphon pump, then to begin the siphoning water, put one end of the pipe into the receptacle you want to fill and give the red bulb a few squeezes until water starts to flow. When you want to stop siphoning water, just open the vent cap a little, you’ll find the vent cap on top of the bulb. Remember to re-tighten the vent cap when you’re finished.

To maintain the freshness of the water for the16 weeks or longer that has been stated, you must keep the water in a the bladder cool and covered. Exposing the water to direct sunlight or high temperatures will unfortunately speed up the growth of bacteria or other contaminates which will quickly make your water useless. To avoid any danger of contamination to you stored water It would be advisable to always treat the water as soon as you have filled the bladder with a small amount of chlorine bleach or, if you have them, water purification tablets such as Aquatabs, find them here, simply follow the instructions for correct usage levels.

The WaterBOB  is a unique piece of emergency gear which meets a special need of providing anyone without room for permanent water storage with a temporary water containment solution which can be used in a moment’s notice, making the WaterBOB  perfect for dealing with utility failures, natural disasters and everything else in-between.

If you do not have the space to house a large permanent emergency water storage solution, then the WaterBOB would work just fine for you. I think the WaterBOB is a game changer and revolutionizes the entire concept of short-term hygienic water storage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the WaterBob Reusable?

As long as your Waterbob bladder isn’t leaking then it can obviously be used to hold water again and as the waterbob is well made there is no reason to doubt its durability. The real question is whether it is safe to reuse it or not.

The dangers associated with reusing the Waterbob is from contamination due to mould spore etc, which is a result of it not being cleaned, dried and stored away properly from a previous use.

To ensure the risk of water contamination is minimized when reusing you must make sure the bladder is completely empty, dry, and stored in a climate controlled location.

Even if you are confident that you have completely dried the bladder and stored correctly you should always treat any water taken from the bladder if consuming using water treatment tablets, iodine, or bleach.

If you are unsure about reusing the waterbob for drinking water purposes at all, then there is no reason why you couldn’t use the stored water for other purposes such as washing and flushing etc.

Can WaterBob be used outside of a bathtub?

The WaterBob was designed to work as an emergency water bladder that fits inside bathtubs of different shapes and sizes however, it’s strong construction will allow it to be used outside of a bathtub if absolutely necessary.

Although the 10 mil food grade LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene) plastic used to make the WaterBob is tough, it is not impenetrable, therefore it is much safer, and as such advised, to use as is intended.


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