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Updated February 2021 – This WaterBrick review will cover the main features and benefits of this excellent water storage solution. As well as any obvious disadvantages too.

Most people understand the importance of storing water, particularly when prepping for emergencies.

Generally, when planning for an emergency, the 55-gallon water drum is the long-term water storage container of choice. This type of large water drum is an excellent storage option. Especially if you have the space to accommodate one or more of them. They are definitely a stalwart of water storage planning for many preppers.

However, if you live in an apartment, and have limited space, 55-gallon drums are not ideal. Nor are they any good if you want a water store that is portable. The WaterBrick is the solution and fits the bill perfectly. The WaterBrick is both easy to transport and store.

What is the WaterBrick?

The WaterBrick is a plastic container used primarily for water storage. It measures 9-inches wide by 18-inches long by 6-inches high. It is a stackable, portable, and customizable emergency water container that has many applications.

The WaterBrick holds about 3.5 gallons. It is small enough to carry with the easy-to-carry handle or to just fit under your bed.

The stackable feature of this product is superb. Enabling you to store as much water as is possible in a discreet or convenient location.

In other words, the WaterBrick is simply the perfect way to store water. But also, any other emergency item such as a bulk of dry food, or even ammunition.

WaterBrick Features and Benefits

  • The WaterBrick is multi-functional. It can be used as a bulk storage system, sandbag, block of ice, hunting blind, and camping among other things.
  • It consists of a notched lid design. This enables you to easily and quickly open the lid while the heavy-duty full gasket offers a very tight seal.
  • It has a wide lid opening to allow easy access to the content stored within.
  • The carrying handle provides a comfortable option for carrying. The handle can be detached from the entire system if necessary.
  • It is BPA-free and is compliant with all FDA standards and checks.
  • The WaterBrick is made of HDPE, the lid from a High-Density Polypropylene, and the gasket from Dynaflex TPE.
  • It has an Ultraviolet Protectant and is Non-Bio-Degradable. This extends its life 15 years or even longer.
  • It has an exterior design and texture that gives the impression of a real building block.
  • Its interlocking male and female elements make for easy stacking and sound stability.


WaterBricks can be stacked up to approximately four feet without any danger of tipping. Because of the way they lock together, it is also possible for them to turn a corner and still be stable.

In fact, you can stack them anywhere in your house. Perfect in locations where other ordinary containers cannot fit. Including under the bed or in the trunk of your car.

If you do not fill them to the brim, they can be frozen if required. This means that they can be stored outside in sub-zero conditions. Something you wouldn’t be able to do with a 55-gallon drum.

The WaterBrick has a small handle on the top making it easier to carry. This is a huge benefit when compared to other containers that do not have a carrying handle. The handle will also fold into a recess in the WaterBrick. And you do not need to remove the handle when you want to stack and store your WaterBricks.

It is also possible to add a spigot to your WaterBrick, making water easier to access. However, once the water level in the WaterBrick drops below half, you will need to tilt the container to get the rest out. Not ideal, but workable.

Pros of WaterBrick

  • Easy-grip, comfortable carrying handle
  • 30% less carry weight compared to an ordinary 5-gallon container
  • Easy to secure in transit, using the bungee cord in the two designed column holes
  • Interlocks and cross-stack up to four feet above the ground
  • Store and stack anywhere
  • Excellent for discreet storage of water in small spaces
  • Durable, super tough plastic, can take a real beating
  • Versatile and can be used to carry food and ammo as well as water
  • Perfect for camping, ATV riding, boating, or storing in your car trunk
  • BPA FREE, Made in the United States

Cons of WaterBrick

  • The use of lighter blue plastic is questionable. It does mean that a certain level of light can penetrate inside which could enable bacterial growth.
  • A little bit expensive compared to other containers.

After you fill your WaterBrick with water, ensure that the gaskets, which are the sturdy rubber things inside the lid, are facing the right direction. The gaskets are on properly when the ribbed edges are facing outwards. If the smooth face is facing outwards, your WaterBrick could possibly leak.


The superior design and the convenience of a WaterBrick do come at a price.

One 3.5-gallon WaterBrick container costs around the $20 mark. This translates to approximately $5 per gallon. When you compare this to the Reliance Jug, which costs about $18 for the 7-gallons, it does seem expensive.


How long can you store water in a waterbrick?

The manufacturer suggests rotating your water every six months if you are not using commercially bottled water to fill them. Or if you are not using a water preserver. If you are using a water preserver, your water will be good for up to 5 years when stored correctly. Commercially bottled water will have been treated with a water preserver already.

How do you clean a WaterBrick?

Mix a quarter cup of bleach with one cup of water. Pour this mix inside your WaterBrick and screw the lid on tightly. Shake THOROUGHLY for a few minutes. When you have finished shaking, dispose of the sterilizing mix and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Leave to thoroughly dry before using it again.

WaterBrick Review – Final Verdict

In conclusion, there are many containers that you could choose to utilize as your preferred emergency water storage solution. None provides the all-around versatility that the WaterBrick does though. It is that versatility that is the main reason so many people choose them.

There is no denying that the WaterBrick is pricey but you have to consider that you’re paying for a superior product.

The WaterBrick enables you to utilize your available space. It makes it possible to move large quantities of water with relative ease, and quickly. It is a price many see as being worth paying.

If you’re looking for a BPA-free, FDA-approved proven water storage option for long or short-term storage then the WaterBrick is a fantastic option.


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